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Pre/ Post Op Lymphatic Drainage

At CURV, we want to keep the masterpiece your doctors created in top form. Whether you are preparing for or recovering from a surgery, lymphatic drainage can have many positive impacts on the healing process. Through pre and post op lymphatic drainage, we remove excess fluids and reduce swelling in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to promote a faster healing process. For some people, lymphatic drainage is the ultimate skin detox treatment. 


Lymphatic drainage can be beneficial before or after the following surgeries: 

  • Liposuction 

  • BBL procedures 

  • Breast augmentation and reduction 

  • Tummy tuck 

  • Rhinoplasty 

To schedule a 60 minute treatment, call CURV at 480-571-4767. We encourage a pre-appointment consultation to better support your desired outcome and body care needs.

Lymphatic Drainage in Scottsdale, AZ | CURV Body Lounge
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