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Body Contouring in Scottsdale, AZ | Curv Body Lounge


Body Contouring Detox + Sculpt

Body contouring is one of the best ways to redefine your curves, eliminate toxins and  . Discover the benefits of non-surgical body contouring at CURV Body Lounge in Scottsdale, AZ. Our Body Contouring Detox + Sculpt treatment combines light pressure and fast rhythm to stimulate circulation and reduce cellulite. While eliminating toxins the body treatment removes stubborn pockets of fat to contour and sculpt many areas of the body. 


Among its many health benefits, body contouring detox and sculpting reduces edema, activates blood flow, decreases swelling, accelerates metabolism and helps to define your curves.


To schedule a 55 minute treatment, call CURV at 480-571-4767. 

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